Follow FHM's machinist on a three-week adventure as he explores his German Jewish family history. First stop: The good times and a bad end in Berlin. Then he'll attend the International Association of Jewish Genealogy Societies meeting in Warsaw. And then to the north of Poland to retrace family history in the city and region of Gdansk. Get daily updates here.

Preußisch Stargard circa 1900


Historical investigations

Substantiate family lore and solve family mysteries. If you are stuck on something, try our investigative approach.

• Creative discovery - Genealogy is akin to archeology in reimagining the past based on the few clues left behind. Apply rigorous critical thinking to gain deeper understanding.
• Contextual analysis - Understand your place in history by mapping the coordinates of family history—people, places, and dates—to visual data formats.

Places In Time

From the Golden Age of German Jewry to the devastation of the Holocaust to a modern-day renaissance, explore the historic and contemporary sites of Jewish culture in Berlin. Wikipedia fact boxes and descriptions are provided for most locations.

Lisbon in 1940 was Europe's one escape hatch, officially neutral in the war but a center of spying and diplomacy by all world powers. Tens of thousands of refugees, Jewish and not, filled the city's cafes and hotels, all seeking passage to the U.S. or South America.