Bankhaus Meyer und Gelhorn did business at Brötbankengasse 9

The seat of the Bankhaus Meyer und Gelhorn at 40 Langer Markt (Długi Targ).

A few days ago I posted a translated excerpt of the Gadanopedia entry for Meyer and Gelhorn. Look again. 

BANKHAUS MEYER UND GELHORN , a banking company operating for the Gdańsk trade and craft, with headquarters at Langer Markt 40 (Długi Targ), after 1900 at no. 38/39. In 1920, it also owned a back house at Brotbänkengasse 9 (Chlebnicka Street).  

Back house or bank house? In Polish, it is "dom tylni," so I think it is a secondary office or maybe a back office like we say today. The photo is of the main office on Langer Markt.

Anyway, the important thing to take note of is the address at Brotbänkengasse 9. Heinrich's residential address was Brotbänkengasse 19, so this seems to suggest a close connection between Heinrich and the bank. Hilda says he owned it. We shall see.

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