Both of our German branches are getting bigger

There were two significant breakthroughs in the last 24 hours. It may take me a while to write them up fully, so I will just give the summaries for now. 

• The Paechter family in Tiegenhof included two sons, Meier and Isaak, in addition to our great-grandmother Friederike Wohlgemuth and her sister Rosalie Kleemann. Meier ran the department store in Tiegenhof until his death in 1891, after which several of his sons took over. Isaak had relocated to Crossen in the early 1880s. His two children had children that went to every continent during the war. There are descendants in Israel, Australia, South Africa, South America, and the United States. 

• Our Ringel family from Rzeszow has three additional siblings that we did not know of. Many of them and their children also went to Berlin, so the Ringel family in Berlin just got much bigger. Hirsch Zvi Ringel, the brother of our ancestor Schija Ringel, was a Berlin rabbi. Schija also gets a middle name. He was Schija Wolf Ringel, significant because his grandson Wolf Schattner (aka Ze'ev Sharon) was probably named for him. Zeev was born in 1917, so that suggests that Schifa Wolf may have died during the preceding year (his death date is one of our remaining unanswered questions).

So both sides of our German family are suddenly considerably larger than we used to think they were. I will write up the details when I get the time. 


Family Story:

Family Story: 

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