Dan's fantastic work on on the Liebmans and Clercs


Thank you so much for your magnificent job on the Liebman-Clerc saga and for bringing back so many incredible childhood, adolescent and early adult memories for me. It is wonderful that thanks to your skullduggery Joanne was able to locate the correct house; when Jo, Tanya and I were there in 2007, walking up and down Rue de La Saussaye, we couldnt determine the correct house, but that is probably because recent owners altered the circular dirveway and put in a veranda, which of course threw us off. Now we have an amazing reconnection with departed family members we knew 40 years ago, or are only getting to know now, so many years later and much deeper appreciation of their lives.

I am especially grateful to you for determining that Arnaud's daughter who I met during a visit to Aunt Hilda in Monte Carlo in 1976 was named Alexandra. I would be fascinated to find out what happened to her. There are plenty of loose tangents still; how was it that Arnaud was named Clerc when he was clearly a Liebman and the two families had a complex relationship to say the least during the 1930's and 1940's? I am looking forward to my own visit to Paris in September with Tanya and hope to have the chance to meet the intrepid jewelry blogger Jean-Jacques Richard and perhaps even some Liebman-Clerc's at that time.


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