First LDS document arrives

I'm very far behind in blogging. A lot has happened that I will try to fill in while I begin to catch up. One angle is that I have begun to order facsimile documents of existing vital records where available. The first of these has arrived: It is the Polish language document from 1854 that records the birth in Krakow of Feigla Kaufler, the mother of our grandfather Hermann Ringel.

I'll do my best to display the document in the confines of this blog. Here is a view of an entire ledger page that includes three birth records. Feigla's is the second entry, number 188.

Most of the text is indecipherable (to me, and so far), but this close up highlights some of the interesting parts.

Here are the four detail sections. The first is the name of Feigla's father Abraham Mojzesa Kaugler. Then her mother's maiden name, Chaya Esther Grunberg. Then her given name, Feigla.

Finally, I have included the Hebrew transcription that appears at the bottom of the record, beneath the official signature. Any of our Hebrew speakers want to take a crack at translating that?

Our next step is to get a full translation and I have begun to investigate Polish document translation services. I plan to send in a scan and ask for an estimate. I hope it is not too much because it is very likely that I'll soon have similar birth records for all of Feigla's siblings and other family members. These are all on order from the LDS research center in Salt Lake City, and should be available to me soon at the Oakland branch.

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