Julius Paechter is in the 1858 Tiegenhof address book

Rodney Down Under came through again. After I showed him the marriage record for Rosalie Paechter and Jacob Kleemann, showing her father as Julius, Rodney took a look himself in one of his go-to resources, a collection of address books for Danzig and selected other towns in West Prussia. Listings of Tiegenhof are available for the year of 1858, and only that year. On the second page of Tiegenhof addresses was the listing you see above for Julius Paechter. 

So that gives us more evidence of Julius Paechter's presence in Tiegenhof a few years before the marriage of his first daughter. But where are his two brothers or perhaps cousins who are the store owners? That remains a mystery as they are not in the 1858 address book. 

It is certainly helpful to know more about Julius. However, Rodney's lead led me to a more important discovery I'll write about next. 

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