Pinkas became Paul Twiasschor in the U.S.

We know that Pinkas Twiasschor was one of the 1000 specially chosen refugees who came to the U.S., spent 18 months in an Army camp in Oswego, New York, and were finally admitted as legal immigrants in January 1946. I have begun reading the 1983 bestseller Haven, by Ruth Gruber, about her role in the operation and her experiences with the refugees. It is a gripping read. However, Pinkas Twiasshor is not specifically mentioned in the book. I'll come back and write about the book in a future installment.

As for our relative, after his January 1946 re-entry into the United States at Niagara Falls, there were no more records on Ancestry for Pinkas Twiasschor but there were some for a Paul Twiasschor. When I first saw these I discounted them, because I had previously encountered another Paul Twiasschor in the Berlin address books who was clearly a different person. But when I examined the records again, a 1951 Social Security appllication and a 1954 New York State death index listing, I realized they both had birth dates that matched Pinkas Twiasschor's birth. 

This shows that Pinkas Twiasschor became Paul Twiasschor in the United States, and that he died in New York at age 72. Helga's uncle, while evidently estranged from the family, was alive and living in New York at the same time that Helga lived there too. 

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