Spektor genealogy according to Yitzhak Elchanon Rabinowitz

Page 4 of the 1996 fax from Shmuel Elchonan contains the Spektor family genealogy as recorded by his father Yitzhak Rabinowitz. The translation by Shirley Portnoy follows. 

R’ Yitzchak Elchanan was born in the year 1817 (?) in the small town of Rus in the district of Grodno (in Russia).

He was the son of R’ Yisrael Isser, (son of Elchanan)  and his wife Rachel, the daughter of R’ Yitzchak.

He was the third-born of his brothers: 

R’ Moshe Yosef
R’ Avraham Aharon, died young, left no children 
R’ Yitzchak Elchanan
R’ Yaakov David, born in 1827,  died in Jerusalem in 1898 (?)

The surname of the brothers was Spektor.

At the age of 13, R’ Yitzchak Elchanan married Soro Reizel, the daughter of R’ Eliezer Yezerski and Bluma in the city Volkovisk (in the district of Grodno).

R’ Yitzchak served as rabbi:

in Zabelin, 1836/7 (?)
In Baraza, 1838/9
In Nezvizh,  1846/7
In Novogrudok, 1850/1
In Kovno, 1863/4

The children of R’ Yitzchak Elchanan and Soro Reizel were:

R’ Chaim, 1834-1874
Daughter, Rachel, born in Baraza, married R’ Chaim Sultzovsky, died in 1876
R’ Tzvi Hirsh, born in 1847, took over the rabbinic position in Kovno after his father’s death. He died in 1910.
R’ Binyamin, born in 1852, was murdered in Kovno at his home in 1900.

The Rabbanit Soro Reizel died in 1882.

The surname of all the sons of R’ Yitzchak Elchanan was Rabinowitz.

In the year 1883 R’ Yitzchak Elchanan married Chana Davidson (Meizlsz).

R’ Yitzchak Elchana died in Kovno on the 21st day of Adar 1896. 

R’ Binyamin was born in Navahradak on the 27th of Elul 1852.  In 1870 he married Devora, the daughter of R’ Eliyahu Behr. Dvora was born in (?) in the year 1851, and she died in Kovno the 20th of Iyar, 1929.

The children of Binyamin and Devora were:

Meshulam Fishel,  born 1871, died in Kovno on Hoshanah Rabbah in 1940.
Yisrael Isser,  born 28th of Iyar 1873, died 28th of Iyar 1933 in Kovno.
Daughter Yettel, born 1875, married Yaakov Kahanov from Lovni (Ukraine). She died in Kharkov.
Daughter Bluma, born 1881, married Louie Solomonson from Riga. 

Yisrael Isser Rabinowitz married Fruma Frankel on the 1st of Nissan 1899.

Fruma was the daughter of R’ Shimon and his wife Esther (Preiss). She was born on the 15th of Elul 1879 and was killed by the Germans at the beginning of 1944 in the Stutthoff Concentration Camp.

The children of R’ Yisrael Isser and Fruma were:   

Yitzchak Elchanan, born in Kovno on on the 27th (unclear) of Shvat, January 1900.
Shlomo, born the 16th of Kislev, 1901.
Daughter Miriam, called Mira, was born in 1904 and died in Stutthoff in 1945. Her child Isser, age -?, was killed in the Aktion against the children in the Kovno ghetto in 1943.
Daughter Bella, born 1909, was killed together with her son Daniel in Stutthoff. Her husband, Zelig Volotzky, was killed in Kovno in 1941.

May G-d avenge the blood of all our family and of all the children of Israel who were murdered at the hands of the wicked Germans.

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