Wasserreich family shows up in a Montevideo cemetery

I think I found the final resting place of Erich Wasserreich and his wife and daughter. Wasserreich was the Hermann Ringel business partner who we think acted dishonorably following Hermann's death in 1938. According to Helga Ruby's memory as recorded by Walter in "The Early Lives of Stan and Helga Ruby," Hermann's business partner made off with funds Hermann had hidden away to finance the Ringel family's escape from Germany.

In my recent review in Berlin of the aryanization files of the Hermann Ringel & Co. business, I saw several pieces of correspondence from shortly after Hermann's death that show Wasserreich attempting to gain sole ownership of the company. A later letter in the file from a Nazi official reports that Wasserreich had since departed Germany for Montevideo. In all the correspondence, Wasserreich's full name is given as Erich Ignatz Wasserreich. 

Now here we see a Chajim Ignacy Wasserreich buried in a Montevideo Jewish cemetery on October 5, 1950. Missing is the given name Erich, but the middle name, cemetery location and age all align perfectly what we know of Hermann's deceitful partner. Wasserreich's wife Else (died 1968) and daughter Eva (died 1994) are buried with him.

It appears that Eva married and she may have left living children. Not that they would bear any responsibility for Wasserreich's suspected dishonesty, but it would be interesting to see how they are getting along in Uruguay.

The burial listing from the Jewish Online Worldwide Burial Registry (JOWBR) is below. 

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Age: 71 
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Cementerio Israelita de La Paz / 
Montevideo / Uruguay

WASSERREICH, Chajim Ignacy
Age: 60 
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Cementerio Israelita de La Paz / 
Montevideo / Uruguay

Age: 81 
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Cementerio Israelita de La Paz / 
Montevideo / Uruguay

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Great find, Dan! Mazel tov! To state what is probably the obvious, but somehow needs saying anyway, even if Wasserreich was the scoundrel we think he was, I'm glad he and his family managed to escape the Nazis and build new lives in Uruguay. In the end, despite the theft, Elii and Helga managed to escape Germany and get to the U.S. by the skin of their teeth; so if that theft helped make it possible for the Wasserreichs to survive as well, from 80 years remove, karmically it all feels fitting. Or to bring it to a Jewish context; if the Ringels and Wassereichs both did what they needed to do in order to escape the Nizis, then dayenu--it would have been enough). Love, Walter

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