The Wohlgemuth women in Joe Liebman's life

Hilda was quite the looker in 1947.

That's our parents Stan and Helga Ruby next to Joe on the right. Across the table from back to front is Elly Ringel, Hilda Liebman, and possibly Helene Liebman. The photo is taken at Berkowitz's Roumanian restaurant on the lower east side of New York City in 1947. 

Here are the sisters Wohlgemuth, Elly and Hilda, flanking Joe in the dining room at Neuilly. 


I am more convinced that that is Helene in the Berkowitz's photo. Recall from her visa in an earlier item that she had returned to New York from Paris on May 27. 1947. This photo must be from that visit. Stan and Helga's own wedding is just a week or so away. Hilda and Joe also marry in 1947, but we don't know the date yet. Since he is a divorcee and Hilda has a small family, they probably don't hold a big event.

The date is May 29. It seems probable that one reason for her trip is to attend Helga's wedding on June 8. I can't wait to see the photos of the wedding reception at the Beacon Hotel. I believe we will now be able to fill in more of the faces.

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