Arnaud Clerc


Joe Liebman’s son made his own name in the Parisian jewelry trade—and carried on the Rue de Saussaye tradition.


Bilingual blogging—my French collaborationist

Historical blogging makes strange bedfellows. A French jewelry critic and I were both interested in the history of the Clerc jewelry business during the Nazi era.

Hilda and Joe

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After the war, Joe Liebman came back to Paris with a glamorous new wife. Oh, what a life they led.

If walls could talk—75 years in a Parisian villa

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If walls could talk, the plasterwork at 31 rue de la Saussaye, Neuilly-sur-Seine, would have interesting tales to tell: Insider dealings in the French jewelry trade. Swank cocktail parties for the Nazi elite. A rough-cut Jewish jeweler and his ebullient new wife. Where Henry Kissinger met Le Duc Tho. Here is the story of one prestigious address over 75 years of history.


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