Tiegenhof and Elbing

After the death of Leopold Wohlgemuth, his widow Frederike moved with their four children back to her home community of Tiegenhof. The three Wohlgemuth brothers entered business in Elbing as owners of a mill. 

The early history of the Wohlgemuth family

In 1812 in the West Prussian town of Preußisch Stargard, an elderly Jew Moses and his two sons Solomon and Herz took the surname of Wohlgemuth in exchange for Prussian citizenship rights. Our family, descended from Herz Wohlgemuth, stayed in Stargard for the next three generations.


A department store fire in Tiegenhof

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An anti-Semitic arsonist set repeated fires at Paechter's Kaufhaus but Isaak Paechter himself was arrested for the crime. He was exonerated but he chose not to rebuild and moved his family out of Tiegenhof. 

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