The Tulbowitz family went forth and multiplied in the town of Rezhitsa in Vitebsk province, now the city of Rezekne in Latvia. Our Tulbowitz ancestors left Rezhitsa in about 1870, not for the Golden Medina or western Europe but to Russian territory near the Black Sea in the town of Novocherkassk. Rose Ratner was born and raised there. She came to America with her husband Abraham Ratner. They settled in Albany, New York, together with the Tulbowitz elders.  

Family Locations: 
Rezekne, Latvia (Rezhitsa)
Novocherkassk, Russia
Great Eight: 

From Rezitsa to Rostov


Sholom and Sophie Tulbowitz left their ancestral town in the 1870s to settle for 20 years in Russia near Rostov-on-Don.

Rose Ratner's scar—the pogrom in Rostov, 1881

Cover Art: 

The Tulbowitz tavern in Novocherkassk was overrun by Cossacks during the Rostov pogrom of 1881.

Shtetl life in old Rezhitsa

Today it is Rezekne, Latvia. In the 19th century, it was the village where our Tulbowitz clan lived in the old Yiddish way.


Ratner family passage to America

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Abe Blokh became Abe Ratner to get out of Russia. With his young wife and her mother, they voyaged from Bremen to Leeds and finally to New York.


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