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1785 The Kauflers of Krakow

Our best documented family line is Feige Kaufler's ancestry among the Jewish families of Krakow.

1817 to 1896
Fallacy and family lore—in search of the Kovno Rav

That story about our Rabinowitz family's tie to a famous rabbi is tenuous at best. Here is the true genealogy of Rabbi Yitzhak Elchanon Spektor.

1818 to 2002
From Rezitsa to Rostov

Sholom and Sophie Tulbowitz left their ancestral town in the 1870s to settle for 20 years in Russia near Rostov-on-Don.

1820 Shtetl life in old Rezhitsa

Today it is Rezekne, Latvia. In the 19th century, it was the village where our Tulbowitz clan lived in the old Yiddish way.

1829 Ringel-Kaufler roots in Austrian Galicia

Schija Ringel and Feiga Kaufler came to Berlin as young people in the 1880s. They had their roots in Jewish Galicia.

1835 The Yeserskys of Volkovysk

Joseph Rabinowitz’s mother was Bertha Yesersky. Was she related to Sora Yesersky, the wife of Rabbi Elchanon Spektor?

1839 Louis Katz of Kolberg

Betty’s father was a prosperous merchant who came to Pomerania from East Prussia.

1870 Abraham Blokh came from Minsk

Before he became Abe Ratner, he was Abraham Blokh from Minsk.

1880 The Ringels in Berlin—time of prosperity

From 1880s to the 1930s, the Ringel family prospered in the garment trade in the German capital. Herman made men's outerwear.

1880 The Wohlgemuths in Danzig—and how they got there

Before moving his family to Berlin in 1912, Isaak Wohlgemuth prospered as a mover in Danzig. His family roots were in nearby West Prussia.

1880 Tulbowitz in the USSR—an alternative history

If Sholom Tulbowitz had gone to Dvinsk instead of Rostov, as his cousin did, his Ratner descendants might have grown up in Perm instead of Albany.

1881 Rose Ratner's scar—the pogrom in Rostov, 1881

The Tulbowitz tavern in Novocherkassk was overrun by Cossacks during the Rostov pogrom of 1881.

1882 The Scheunenviertal in the 1880s

Schija Ringel came from Poland to seek his fortune in Berlin’s old Jewish district.

1885 The Rabinowitz girls

Meta, Blossom and Sadie

1890 Abe Ratner in the seltzer business

The Ratner family became established in the Fifth Ward of Albany, N.Y. Abe bottled soda water and Rose nurtured a brood of children.

1890 Ratner family passage to America

Abe Blokh became Abe Ratner to get out of Russia. With his young wife and her mother, they voyaged from Bremen to Leeds and finally to New York.

1890 The Rabinowitz family in Jewish Harlem

Joseph and Lena Rabinowitz were Russian immigrants who ran a corner grocery in Jewish Harlem. Their nine children were native Americans.

1898 Grammy

She was everyone’s favorite grandmother.

1906 Hermann Ringel citizenship

When Hermann turned 21 in 1906, he presented documentation to secure legal German citizenship.

1914 Ringel vs. Ruby in World War I

Herman Ringel and Walter Ruby wore opposing uniforms in the Great War.