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1940 The Clerc jewelry aryanization files

The Clerc jewelry assets were seized and resold to an Aryan buyer. The Nazis kept perfect records of the transactions.

1940 The Felensteins of Long Island

Joan Ruby married Milton Felenstein. Their life and family in Rockville Centre.

1941 Final days in Kovno

The amazing story of the unrelated Rabinowitz family in the days before the liquidation of Kovno. Two sons survived to make their lives in Israel.

1941 Lisbon to New York—with a detour to Havana

The Ringel family crossed from Lisbon on the SS Guine—but their entry to the U.S. was anything but routine.

1943 Helga at the beach

Elly and her daughter escaped the sweltering city for the pleasures of Long Beach.

1943 Lest we forget—Ringel Holocaust testimony

Rosa Shatner, née Ringel, and her lovely daughter Margot perished in a Serbian death camp. In 1957, Rosa's son Ze'ev Sharon gave testimony.

1944 In the Signal Corps in New Guinea

Stan strung transmission wires in the South Pacific during World War II.

1944 Mel Brenner

Mel accomplished many things in life, but his life’s greatest moments happened during the Battle of the Bulge.

1947 Grad-student life in a packet of letters

Stan maintained correspondence with his closest high school and Army buddies, several of whom went on to prominent careers.

1947 Stan finds love outside of a 10-block radius

Home from the war, Stan Ruby was a graduate student in physics at Columbia University. Helga Ringel was a smart, pretty war refugee from Berlin.

1948 Hilda and Joe

After the war, Joe Liebman came back to Paris with a glamorous new wife. Oh, what a life they led.

1950 Our Israeli cousins

Ze’evs progency: a new generation of vibrant, contemporary Israelis.

1950 The Ruby-Rustad experiment—what went wrong?

How and why did Stan Ruby's important post-graduate research go wrong, and what impact did it have on his career in physics?

1950 Third Generation Rubys

First came Walter, then Danny and Joanne. They would carry on the Ruby-Ringel genes.

1954 Kindergarten campaigner

In 1955, Helga led a committee of parents to open a preschool in Vestal.

1954 to 2018
Our Brenner cousins

Janis, Leslie and Amy grew up—each a star in her own way.

1955 Elly’s European travels

Elly lived out her senior years in a studio apartment on the Upper West Side. But she lived for her annual European vacations.

1956 to 1964
Green Valley Drive—our exurban childhood

Our years in Pittsburgh were spent in a tract house in a natural wonderland—backed up against a family farm and an equestrian estate.

1957 Sputnik in the backyard

Watching Sputnik at night from our back yard in a suburb of Pittsburgh is one of my earliest memories.

1958 Mossbauer man—Stan makes his mark in physics

Stan's innovations in Mossbauer spectroscopy.