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1960 Arnaud Clerc

Joe Liebman’s son made his own name in the Parisian jewelry trade—and carried on the Rue de Saussaye tradition.

1960 Helga in the League of Women Voters

Helga expressed a commitment to liberal values in her lifelong work for the League of Women Voters.

1961 The Rubys in Israel—1961 sabbatical

Our family’s amazing year of discovery and connection.

1963 Our Ruby name—sullied in Dallas

Lee Harvey Oswald's killer Jack Ruby was not related to our family. He tarnished our family name in the history books.

1964 On Hill Avenue

The Ruby family comes of age in a bedroom suburb west of Chicago.

1967 The problem with anti-ballistic missiles

Stanley Ruby entered the public debate over nuclear missile technology in the early 1970s.

1968 1968 Democratic convention

It was a signature moment of the turbulent 1960s. Walter, 18, and Dan, 15, were messengers working for the McCarthy campaign.

1975 Adventures in Israel—Walter and Joanne

Two of the Ruby offspring went back to Israel for significant periods.

1975 Joan and Ruby

Joan’s second marriage to Rueben Meyers brought her great happiness.

1980 to 2018
Janis Brenner—a Ratner in motion

The Ratners moved geographically. Janis moves artistically.

1985 Fourth Generation Rubys

Just a bit about Twyla, Gene, Zach and Lani.

2003 An afternoon at Lake Merrit

In July 2003, Stan and Helga came to the East Bay for a golden summer outing.

2011 Split decision on restored German citizenship

Both Dan and Joanne applied for reclaimed German citizenship under Article xx of the German Constitution, but only Joanne’s application was accepted.

2012 Turning over rocks to find long-lost relatives

During the course of my genealogy work, I have discovered and connected with cousins from all my family branches. Here are some lessons learned.

2013 Bilingual blogging—my French collaborationist

Historical blogging makes strange bedfellows. A French jewelry critic and I were both interested in the history of the Clerc jewelry business during the Nazi era.

2018 Everything is illuminated

The tzadek and the gonif.

2018 Rabinowitz family in Jewish Harlem