The Ringels in Berlin—the Nazi years

The Ringel family endured Nazi persecutions in the 1930s leading up to Hermann's sudden death in July 1938 on the eve of his family's planned flight from Germany. In October, Elly and Helga escaped the country, leaving behind their German legacy. The Nazi authorities seized and sold the assets of the Hermann Ringel Co. 

Regina's husband changed his name

This item ran in The London Gazette on January 17, 1947.

Scott, Ernest Arthur (formerly Ernst Schoenwald); Germany; Manager; 6, Aldridge Road Villas, London, W.n. 7 November, 1946

That would be Regina's husband. As foreshadowed by the crossouts in the registry record, Ernst Schoenwald officially changed his name to Ernest Arthur Scott.

So Gina's new name will be Regina Scott, which I am looking for in Google but everything is about the romance novelist who goes by that name. 

Regina Twiasschor Scott died in April 1974

Yesterday I could not find a death record for Regina Twiasschor Schoenwald. This morning I tried again with Scott instead of Schoenwald. A record for Regina Scott with the correct birth date popped right up.

She died in April 1974 in St. Marlyebone, London.

I did not find a death record for Ernest Scott, so I don't know which one of them died first. 

Blog restarts with a precious image of Hilda'a restitution affidavit

This blog has been inactive for more than a year as I have been working on other things, primarily the publishing of a Holocaust memoir coauthored by Walter and myself. During that time I have not been documenting advances in what we know of our family roots. However, the information has continued to come in, so there is a bit of a backlog of material, as well as some new stuff, for me to work through as I start things back up.

To pick up the narrative, during my trip to Berlin in July 2018 I found at the Berlin Landesarchiv bulging record files on two matter related to our family history: a Ringel file containing documents concerning the dissolution of the Hermann Ringel business in 1939-1940, and a Wohlgemuth file of documents from the 1950s related to the restitution claims of Hilda and Elly. 

I spent two days with the material in Berlin but was prevented by the archive regulations from capturing an image of any of the documents. One of the treasures in the files that I was able to identify and then translate was the two-page typescript affidavit submitted in 1958 by Hilda Wohlegmuth Leibman in her restitution case against the Germany government. In it, she provides a detailed explanation of her mother's personal history and an accounting of the wealth that she accumulated during her lifetime, assets that were illegally seized by the Nazi authorities. 

The affidavit is a fascinating read, and I posted the translation here in the course of my hectic work during that trip. I urge you to read it again now while also gazing at the image of the original document, signed by our aunt Hilda. 

This document is just one highlight from the full Landesarchiv files. Several months after returning from my 2018 trip, I received digital scans of all the pages in the two files. I saved them to my genealogy case files and then pretty much forget about them until a few days ago. Along with my other backlogged items, there is a lot of knowledge to unpack as I work through the material. 

For now, the Hilda affidavit picks up the narrative thread regarding our Wohlgemuth family branch. I'll have a few more Woihlgemuth developments coming up. 

Translation of Betty's death record

Here's the full translation. Comments to follow in another post. 

No. 331
Berlin-Wilmersdorf, 28 February 1942

Betty Sara Wohlgemuth, born Katz, Jewish, living in Berlin-Wilmersdorf, Aschaffenburger Straße 6, died on February 26, 1942 at 5:30 pm in Berlin-Wilmersdorf, Trautenaustrasse 5.
The deceased was born on 1 January 1875 in Kohlberg.
Father: unknown
Mother: unknown
The deceased was widowed, details can not be determined.

Registered on oral announcement of Amalie Sara Katz, nee Katz, residing in Berlin-Schöneberg, Landshuter Straße 13.
The informant indicated her identity card Berlin, no. A370973. She explained that she was aware of the death of her own knowledge.

Read, approved and signed
[Signature] Sara Amalie Katz, nee Katz

The registrar
In representation: [signature]

Cause of death: stomach cancer, heart failure


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