A. Salam

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The Measurement of Electron-Neutrino Angular Correlations [and Discussion]

B. W. Ridley and discussants
Proceedings of the Royal Society of London. Series A, Mathematical and Physical Sciences
Aug 26 1958

A. Salam, Imperial College: Could Dr Ridley say, if he were asked to choose between these two diagrams, which would he prefer?
B. W. Ridley: I think I am all right in saying that the 35A point is fairly certain, because it would have to move a very long way to change the picture significantly, and one feels that the 19Ne results are significant, merely from the weight of what are now four inde- pendent experiments. A. Salam: So you would be inclined to discount the 6He experiments if you had to choose?

Non-Conservation of Parity

A. Salam
Feb 15 1958

As mentioned before, experiments with polarized nuclei demonstrate unmistakably that parity is not conserved. The fact that electrons and positrons emitted in beta-decay possess a high degree of longitudinal polarization provides a new tool for the determination of the fundamental beta-interaction. If the 2-state theory with lepton conservation is assumed, the experimental result that positrons are right-polarized implies that positrons are always emitted together with vR-neutrinos. This would mean that the beta-interaction is A and V.

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