Allan Franklin

Physics historian who highlighted the story of the Rustad-Ruby He-6 recoil experiment and its retraction in his writings on the relationship of experimental and theoretical physics. He interviewed Stanley Ruby and many others of the figures involved in the matter. He participated in beta decay experiments as an undergraduate physics student at Columbia in the early 1960s.  

Upper Limit to the Magnetic Moment of He-6

E. D. Commins and P. Kusch
Aug 21 1958

A. Franklin assisted in taking data and performing calculations.


An experiment has been performed to place an upper limit on the nuclear magnetic moment of He'. Since this nucleus is even-even it is highly probable on theoretical grounds alone that the spin and magnetic moment are zero. Nevertheless there exists a disagreement between theory' and experiment' concerning the nature of the Gamow-Teller interaction in the He' beta-decay. The disagreement might arise from experimental errors and there is some evidence that this is the case.


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