Enrico Fermi

The Italian theoritican was the first to explain the mechanism of beta decay, including his formulation of a nearly massless new particle he named the neutrino. For the next 25 years, physicists struggled to perfect his model until a concensus emerged in the late 1950s for a unified weak nuclear force based on V-A coupling constants. Fermi came to the U.S. in the mid-1930s, first to Columbia and then University of Chicago, where in 1941 he demonstrated the first controlled nuclear reactor under the stands at Stagg Field. He was instrumental in the Manhattan Project.  

Attempt at a Theory of β Rays

E. Fermi
Zeitschrift fur Physik
Jan 16 1934

Fermi introduces theory of beta decay, including supposition of the neutrino. Translation published by Fred L. Wilson in the American Journal of Physics, Dec. 1968.

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