Review: Proceedings of the Rehovoth Conference on Nuclear Structure held at the Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovoth

John P. Hummel
Journal of the American Chemical Society
Oct 1 1958

6. Parity Non-Conservation and 8-Decay. This is undoubtedly the most significant section of the book. The papers in this session review the recent parity experiments and reflect on their meaning. This is probably the first time that such a comprehensive survey of this area has appeared in print. The outstanding papers are on the theoretical implications of parity non-conservation (T. D. Lee), the experimental evidence for parity non-conservation (C. S. Wu), the effects of the recent developments on the interpretation of old β-decay data (E. J.

The Beta-Spectrum of S-35

R. D. Albert and C. S. Wu
Physical Review
Aug 19 1948

Representative of many beta spectrum studies Wu did with collaborators throughout this period

Unknown Title

J. S. Allen and W. K. Jentschke
Physical Review
Feb 15 1953

Reported at APS meeting


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