T. D. Lee

Columbia University theoretical physicist whose 1956 paper (with C. N. Yang) questioning the law of parity conservation in weak force interactions was confirmed by two Columbia experimental groups the following year. Lee and Yang shared the 1957 Nobel Prize while none of the experimenters, notably Chien-Shiung Wu, was recognized.


Question of Parity Conservation in Weak Interactions

T. D. Lee and C. N. Yang
Physical Review
Jun 22 1956

Nobel-winning paper
On first glance it seems unrelated to recoil experiments

Theoretical Implications of Parity Violations in Beta Interactions

T. D. Lee
Proceedings of the Rehovot Conference on Nuclear Structure
Sep 10 1957

In this idealized simple situation we can predict from the three measurements the results on recoil measurement in mixed or Fermi transition, the helicity of electrons and positrons, the rate for double β decay, etc. While it is true that the present experimental results x on He6, Co60, Sc46 are not incompatible with this simple situation, due to the largeness of all experimental errors it certainly does not yet prove that this simple situation is the reality.

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