W. K. Jentschke

Electron-Neutrino Angular Correlation in the Beta Decay of Neon-19

D. R. Maxson, J. S. Allen, and W. K. Jentschke
Physical Review
Jun 25 1954

Assumes validity of tensor result of Allen-Jentschke and Rustad-Ruby


According to Eq. (3), the experimental result X = —0.21 indicates that the beta-decay interaction contains a scalar component and that the (polar) vector component is small or zero. The interaction is therefore of the form STP. This conclusion is based on the results of the He6 experiments of Allen and Jentschke and of Rustad and Ruby, ' (2) the results of this experiment, and (3) the assumption of negligible Fierz interference.

Unknown Title

J. S. Allen and W. K. Jentschke
Physical Review
Feb 15 1953

Reported at APS meeting

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