Angular Correlations

S. Devons and L. J. B. Goldfarb
Handbuch der Physik 1957, XLII
May 1 1957

R-R cited in detail as definitive ST


In practice, the correlation is made between the electron and the nuclear recoil. The transformation between the correlations of the two types has been examined in detail by KOFOED-HANSEN. Electron recoil nucleus correlations in the allowed β-decay He6—>Li6, involving only a Gamow-Teller interaction, have been measure by RUSTAD and RUBY. Experimentally conditions here are also favorable to precise measurements, since the large energy of the β-transition and the light nucleus result in large recoil energies.

The 7 Percent Solution

Richard P. Feynman
Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Feynman
Jan 1 1985

pp. 226-234
Feynmann’s aha moment was when he saw the figure in Rustad-Ruby


I went to Professor Bacher and told him about our success, and he said, “Yes, you come out and say that the neutron-proton coupling is V instead of T. Everybody used to think it was T. Where is the fundamental experiment that says it’s T? Why don’t you look at the early experiments and find out what was wrong with them?”

And when I became interested in beta decay, directly, I read all these reports but the “beta-decay experts,” which said it’s T. I never looked at the original data; I only read those reports, like a dope. Had I been a good physicist , when I thought of the original idea back at the Rochester Conference I would have immediately looked up “how strong do we know it’s T?”—that would have been the sensible thing to do. I would have recognized right away that I had already noticed it wasn’t satisfactorily proved.

RMS: Chapter 6 The Early Developments of the Theory of the Mössbauer Effect

Harry J. Lipkin
Jan 1 2012

I was spending a year at the University of Illinois at Urbana, following up my own experimental research program in beta ray polarization measurements after the discovery of parity nonconservation. I directed Hans Frauenfelder’s group of students and postdocs in their polarization experiments which paralleled those of my group at Weizmann, while Hans was on sabbatical at CERN. We both knew that the parity game was closing down. The exciting controversial days of exploring the weak interaction in beta decay were over.


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