C.S. Wu

A Unique Institution: The National Bureau of Standards 1950-1969

Elio Passaglia with Karma A. Beal
NIST Special Publication 925
Jan 1 1999

Among the division's various programs, the best known in the scientific world was its program in low-temperature physics. The Bureau had been involved in cryogenic research since 1904 when it obtained a hydrogen liquefier, but it was not until 1948, when it obtained a helium liquefier, that low-temperature physics research began in earnest. Built up by Brickwedde and supported by Condon, the low-temperature physics laboratory became one of the best in the world. It attracted a number of outstanding scientists.

Parity and chivalry in nuclear physics

Nicholas Kurti and Christine Sutton
Aug 9 2016

Argument by Oxford physicists for greater credit for parity violation experiment to the NBS team.

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