meson physics

The Nature of the Four-Fermion Interaction

E. C. G. Sudarshan and R. E. Marshak
Proc. of the Conference on Mesons and Newly-Discovered Particles, Padua-Venice
Sep 22 1957

Marshak gives Sudarshan’s experimental review at Padua conference, calling for the He6 experiment to be redone


One verifies immediately that there is no choice of coupling types consistent with all the experimental data. For example, the measurement of angular correlations in mixed transitions as well as the measurements of emission asymmetry or B-y correlations in mixed transitions favor a VA or ST combination; but the measurements of angular correlation in He6 and A35 give T, V respectively. Nevertheless, the fact that in practically all the measurements of pseudoscalars the values obtained are consistent with the maximum value possible must be highly significant.


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