O. C. Kistner

Decay of A-35

O. C. Kistner, A. Schwarzschild, and B. M. Rustad
Jun 18 1956

Finds that A35 is a suitable source for identifying the Fermi invariant in the beta- decay interaction by an angular correlation experiment.


The relatively small amount of Gamow-Teller component present in the decay of A35 will have very little effect on the results of an e-v angular correlation experiment for determining the Fermi invariant. The Gamow-Teller interaction has been shown to be predominantly tensor by e-v experiments on He6.

ACKNOWLEDGMENTS We thank Dr. O. Kofoed-Hansen for his advice and assistance in the experiments. We are grateful to Professor W. W. Havens, Jr., and Professor C. S. Wu for thei r encouragement and many helpful suggestions.

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