parity violation

Non-Conservation of Parity

A. Salam
Feb 15 1958

As mentioned before, experiments with polarized nuclei demonstrate unmistakably that parity is not conserved. The fact that electrons and positrons emitted in beta-decay possess a high degree of longitudinal polarization provides a new tool for the determination of the fundamental beta-interaction. If the 2-state theory with lepton conservation is assumed, the experimental result that positrons are right-polarized implies that positrons are always emitted together with vR-neutrinos. This would mean that the beta-interaction is A and V.

Sixth Annual Rochester Conference

Apr 3 1956

In discussion of θ-τ puzzle, Feynman questions necessity for parity but places bet against non-conservation
TD Lee cites R-R as problem

Conference on Nuclear Structure at Weizmann Institute, Rehovoth, Israel

Sep 17 1957

Contradictions among classical recoil experiments are highlighted at international physics conference featuring Lee and Wu. 


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