The Beta-Spectrum of He6

C. S. Wu, B. M. Rustad, V. Perez-Mendez, and L. Lidofsky
Physical Review
Aug 5 1952

Used Columbia spectrometer to calculate revised comparative lifetime of He6


The end point together with tg=0.823 yields the ft value of He' of 815~70 sec.' Moszkowski4 estimated the relative contribution of P and G —T interactions by equating ft M ' for the H3—He3 and He6—Li6 transitions. Using the old He6 "ft"value he obtained E=Cg'/CG'=0. 11~0.45, which leads to the conclusion of the insignificant role of the F interaction in beta-decay.

If one repeats the calculation of Moszkowski using the new ft values for He6 one obtains K&1.4&0.7 which completely alters the picture. The recent finding of the C' —8"* and 0'4 —N'4* transitions which should be allowed and favored 0—0 transitions, demonstrates that the presence of the Fermi interaction in the beta-process is definitely necessary.


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