Article or spoken presentation recalling the circumstances of a scientific discovery or other significant development, usually by or about a participant in the development. 

The Rudolf Mössbauer Story

Jan 1 2012

Review of the history and current directions of the Mössbauer effect 50 years after its discovery


There followed the classical papers by Ruby, Zabransky and Flinn [8, 9] on nuclear motion in viscous surrounding taking into consideration not only the effects of translational but also of rotational diffusion.

The idea to apply SR to study nuclear fluorescence was put forward by Mössbauer [26, 27] and Ruby [28]. The first coherent response of a nuclear ensemble to an SR pulse was unequivocally observed by Gerdau et al. [29].

From two mesons and weak currents to the standard model

R. E. Marshak
Jan 1 1988

Suffice to say, the maximal parity violation seen in beta decay during those early years was consistent with a combination of S and T interactions together with a right-handed neutrino (vR)or a combination of V and A interactions together with a left-handed neutrino (vL). The observation of maximal parity violation in muon decay, however, mandated a combination of V and A interaction together with VL.


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