Beta Decay

C.S. Wu and S.A. Moszkowski
Sep 1 1966

Wu's more distant review of the He6 events


Evidence for V—A Interaction. Suddenly many doors swung open to lead to the determination of the β interactions.

The early experimental results indicated that a is close to +1/3, favoring a tensor interaction. However, more recent experiments (He-58; Al-59), whose arrangements are shown in

Prove. Inclusively that coefficient a in Gamow-Teller is negative, being in fact close to the expected value of -1/3 for the axial-vector form. This result has been confirmed by the Oak Ridge group (Jo-63) with a more refined setup

Angular Correlations

S. Devons and L. J. B. Goldfarb
Handbuch der Physik 1957, XLII
May 1 1957

R-R cited in detail as definitive ST


In practice, the correlation is made between the electron and the nuclear recoil. The transformation between the correlations of the two types has been examined in detail by KOFOED-HANSEN. Electron recoil nucleus correlations in the allowed β-decay He6—>Li6, involving only a Gamow-Teller interaction, have been measure by RUSTAD and RUBY. Experimentally conditions here are also favorable to precise measurements, since the large energy of the β-transition and the light nucleus result in large recoil energies.

Post-deadline paper by Rustad and Ruby

B. M. Rustad and S. L. Ruby
American Physical Society meeting
Jan 28 1958

Text and abstract not recorded. 
Franklin summarizes as mea culpa
. Other papers cite as acknowledgement of error.

The Measurement of Electron-Neutrino Angular Correlations [and Discussion]

B. W. Ridley and discussants
Proceedings of the Royal Society of London. Series A, Mathematical and Physical Sciences
Aug 26 1958

A. Salam, Imperial College: Could Dr Ridley say, if he were asked to choose between these two diagrams, which would he prefer?
B. W. Ridley: I think I am all right in saying that the 35A point is fairly certain, because it would have to move a very long way to change the picture significantly, and one feels that the 19Ne results are significant, merely from the weight of what are now four inde- pendent experiments. A. Salam: So you would be inclined to discount the 6He experiments if you had to choose?


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