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Transliterated tailors

Walter pointed out this surprising aspect of the cemetery plaque. Though written in Hebrew characters, the words are transliterated from English. Albany Hebrew Tailors Organization. It is right there in Hebrew.

The headstones

From the headstones, Walter determined that Rose's father was named Shalom while Abe's father was Chaim. Rose's middle initial is for her maiden name, Talbowitz.

The Ratner grave site

Albany Hebrew Tailors Organization

The next few posts describe our visit to the cemetery where Abe, Rose, and Aunt Til are laid to rest. The Albany Hebrew Tailors Organization cemetery is one of three or four old Jewish cemeteries along Western Ave. in the Albany outskirts. Having trained as a tailor, Abe supported the organization as a charity. His role is signified by the memorial bench inscribed with the Ratner name near the cemetery entrance.

16 Cuyler Avenue

Walter and Dan visited the house on Cuyler Avenue in July 2006 and found a sprawling three story white house with a large front porch. The house was in somewhat dilapidated condition and, like the south-side neighborhood in which it is located, had clearly had seen better days. The various entrances to the house and its large size led us conclude that the house had been built and operated as a multi-dwelling house, and that the Ratners must therefore have had renters in their own dwelling as well as in other properties.

Abraham and Rose Ratner

After returning home from New York yesterday, I found the long-lost photos that had been loaned to me by cousins Sandy Brenner and Marsha Fields. I'll post more later, but here is the priceless one: our great-grandparents Abe and Rose Ratner, presumably from before the time they emigrated from Russia.