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Now that the focus is back to Albany, how about this great photo from the Sandy Brenner collection? Here we have a photo from 1941 with matriarch Rose Ratner (seated), her daughter Selma (right), Selma's daughter Joan (left), and Joan's daughter Wendy (on Rose's lap).

Call for a Ruby-Felenstein-Brenner Reunion in 2013

Dear Marsha, Janis, Leslie, Dan and others,

Thank you enormously for your kind words about my reportage on the trip with Mel. As I said before, the trip turned out to be no sacrifice at all on my part, but rather a deeply enriching experience that had the wonderfully salutary effect of taking me out of my own problems and issues for a few days and giving me the chance to plunge into another fascinating and inspiring reality. I feel very lucky to have had the chance and emerge from it considerably calmer and saner than I was a week ago

Marsha picked up on my earlier comment that we Ruby kids missed out on a lot of family lore and family connection by the decision of our parents to leave New York when we were very small and move to Pittsburgh, Chicago and points west. (Stan, Helga, wherever you are, I’m not trying to guilt-trip you here, no doubt the decision made a lot of sense for professional reason and God knows, Green Valley Drive in Glenshaw, PA, had a lot of redeeming virtues, including skiing on Hodel’s farm and running wild in Mrs. Lawrence’s woods, etc.) Yes, Marsha, it was sad for all of us, but there’s still time in our lives to pick up lost threads and weave something old and new…

In any case, what I would propose for family reconnection and bonding purposes would be to take a page from Mel’s 87th U.S. Army Division and hold a 2013 Ruby-Felenstein-Brenner reunion in some lovely spot somewhere. Those who can’t make it physically could be streamed in via Skype. All generations should be represented, so members of the younger generation would be coerced by all manner of arm twisting, guilt tripping and/or vague promises of financial reward to show up. This would be Ruby-Felenstein-Brenner families in the broadest sense of the word, encompassing spouses and their families, stepchildren, and anyone else in our extended circles who would like to attend and share stories and memories.

We could have all manner of historical discussions, photo sharing and group therapy sessions, etc. and emerge after a long weekend, uplifted and transformed, and with enough material to keep Danny busy for decades to come on the Ruby Family History blog!

OK, the idea is out there; now I am turning it over to those of you with organizational abilities to bring to fruition…
This picture below from my jaunt to Naragansett Beach is symbolic of Cousin Love and the pheonix-like return of the Ruby-Felenstein-Brenner connection.

Much love to you all,


Responses to good news for Robert

Comments poured in from around the cousin-osphere.

Such wonderful news!!!  Bob, I know you rallied the night I saw you last month in the hospital, but with Jane by your side, and that old twinkle in your eye, I had this strong feeling you would pull through.  It is wonderful to see Walter's photos of you guys actually out for dinner.  I did raise a glass for you, and now that I am home, will be talking to Danny about when / how to see you next.  I'm envisioning you, Jane, Dan leading us all in a long night of R&R.....I am just so happy for you.
Love, Joanne 

this is the best news i've heard!!!!!!! i knew he'll get out of it.......so very happy for him......here's to many more years of good vibes......my love to robert....
Mila Illishaev 

Pure Joy to hear the news. Congratulations!!!
Much, much LOVE,

Now this is the kind of news that makes one smile. Fantastic news Rob. All the Klein's have been thinking of you.
Love to all

Go Rob, indeed!!!  I spoke to them earlier and was so happy to hear the news! I knew you would be thrilled too! Let's hope things keep going in this direction and we can both take a deep breath and relax about his health a little!
Have a good weekend and send everyone my love.

Wow, such wonderful news! When I spoke to him by phone during your visit yesterday, I was struck that he seemed pretty much his old self, funny and sheepish, though obviously weaker. I raise my glass to the power of cousin love: l'chaim, it's better than the alternative.
Love to all,

Good News for Robert!

Dear All,
Jane just called to inform me that the results of Robert's CAT scan is that the tumor in his lung has shrunk by half and the related one in his liver is gone completely. The doctor tells her he expects the cancer to go into complete remission...It fels like a new lease on life...Jane says they are looking forward to his hair growing back and him getting back up on stage with his guitar playing Eric Clapton to Jane's Janis Joplin in that kick-ass oldies group known as Petrified Rock...Here is an order for all except the teetotalers: Everyone raise a toast to Robert tonight and over the weekend! Teetotalers can raise glasses of Ginger Ale. Go Rob! Keep Rockin' On...


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