On the ground

some photos from Vilnius

Vilnius--one of the most hauntingly beautfil cities I have ever seen, but somehow our photos mostly missed the mark. A few of the more interesting ones:

1. The Vilnius Cathedral--originally a pagan temple stood here, as Lithuania didnt become Christianized until 1381, the last pagan country in Europe. Its pretty Catholic these days.

2. The new, playful post-Soviet Lithuania. Those workers are really dummies, not people.

3. Our guide, Regina Kopilevich, in front of the door of Vilnius University, which dates back to 16th Century.

4. In the Jewish Quarter

5. Walter and Tanya with a statue of C. Szabard, a Vilna Jew who was the prototype for Dr. Ibalit, upon whom Dr. Doolite was based.

more photos from Vilnius

1st picture--Walter with Faina Bramtsovskaya, a 85 year old survivor of the Vilna Ghetto who escaped to the forest to join the Jewish partisans in fighting the Nazis.

2nd--a long abadoned pre-war factory that still retains fading Yiddish letters.

3rd--Beautiful lakeside Trakkai Castle from which Grand Dukes of Lithuania resisted the Teutonic Knighs in the 14th and 15th Centuries.

4th--Walter with a Hall of Fame lineup with the great Litvak rabbis. Rabbi Spektor is on the opposite panel in the middle.

correction re Drs. Aybalit and Doolittle

In correction of my mention of Dr. Aybalit and Dr. Doolittle below, according to Wikpedia, Aybalit was based on Doolittle and not the other way around.



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