Kauflers of Krakow

Translation reveals Hermann's parents were unmarried

I should have posted this in March, but better late than never.

The German translator came through and we now have more information about Hermann's parents, including something unexpected. Here are the highlights:

Hermann Ringel's birth record shows he was born November 5, 1885 in Berlin, that his parents were Schija Ringel and Feigel Kaufler. Kaufler was Ringel's unmarried Jewish housekeeper. A notation on the birth record from two and a half years later indicates that Schija and Feigel married on July 2, 1888.

Feigla Kaufler's birth record

Krakow Births 1798-1855,71-89
Krakow Wojewodztwa / Krakow Province

Surname Givenname Year Type Akt Film Indexfilm Date House
KAUFLER Feigla 1854 B 188 718917

The right name, location and year. Photocopies can be obtained from a collection in Israel, and I sent in an order.

Major breakthrough: Kaufler family tree

Yay! This is the first time one of our names has matched someone else's family tree. After my nice find of Schija Ringel's family in Rzeszow, I thought I would see what more I could dig up on the Kauflers of Krakow.

As noted from a few days ago, I had already found the birth record for Feigla Kaufler. This time I did an ordinary Google search on kaufler, and, lo and behold, I hit the mother lode. A gentleman named Dan Hirschberg has done a tremendous service by compiling extensive family trees for 600 Jewish families from Krakow, including the Kauflers.

First LDS document arrives

I'm very far behind in blogging. A lot has happened that I will try to fill in while I begin to catch up. One angle is that I have begun to order facsimile documents of existing vital records where available. The first of these has arrived: It is the Polish language document from 1854 that records the birth in Krakow of Feigla Kaufler, the mother of our grandfather Hermann Ringel.

I'll do my best to display the document in the confines of this blog. Here is a view of an entire ledger page that includes three birth records. Feigla's is the second entry, number 188.


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