Kauflers of Krakow

Feigla birth record deciphered

It was a big day today. I will save the most exciting news for the next post. First I want to report on a further exchange I had with Dan Hirschberg, the Krakow historian whose work led us to a trove of information about the family of our great grandmother Feigla Kaufler.

After Achikam Finkel used Geni recently to update information on the family of our mother's first cousin Zeev Sharon, I thought I should pass that information along to Hirschberg. He tracks all the descendants of Krakow Jewish families until 1945. So I wrote to him with the information that Feigla's daughter Rose Ringle's husband was named David Shatner. Also, that the surname of Rose's son Ze'ev's wife Penina was Dorfman.

Dan wastes no time. Within minutes, he replied that his Kaufler family page has been updated with the new information.

So then I took a chance and asked him in another email if he would take a look at Feigla birth record and tell me the types of information it would contain. This time his reply took a couple of hours to come back, but with more help than I had expected. He gave me the following translation from the Polish of the important information contained in the record. Here it is:

The date of the document: Apr 23, 1854
Reporting witness (also is the father): Abraham Mojzesz KAUFLER, age 25
is a dayworker or laborer,
residing in district 9, house number 189
Birth of daughter at: Mar 29, 1854 (3:00 am?/pm?)
Mother: Hai Ester GRUNBERG, age 24
Name of daughter: Faigla

So this gives us several new things — an occupation and exact address of her father, a time of day for Feigla's birth, age confirmations for her father and mother, and alternate name spellings for Feigla and her mother. Nothing very surprising but nice to know. Thanks again to Dan Hirschberg.

Advances on several fronts

Yesterday was another red-letter day for me, so I want to get some updates in here before other news arrives. I have to hurry, because there is lots to do today for Festival Preview.

Okay, first in the morning I got email from Marian Rubin of the Rzeszow Research Group that she has some of our Ringel birth records, including Schija's, and that she is making copies and sending them to me by mail. She warns in advance there is no new information beyond what is in the index data we have already seen. Even so, it will be exciting to have images of those records. I'll wait to discuss them in more detail after Marian's mail arrives.

Next came a delivery from Alibris.com of a book I had ordered, Ethical Wills: A Modern Jewish Treasury. I was thrilled to finally read the words written for posterity by Isaac Elchanon Spektor in 1888, but found an even greater treat elsewhere in the book. I will report in the next post.

In the evening, I visited the Mormon Family Research Center again, ready to locate and scan images of the Kaufler family vital records (described here in previous messages—use the label tags at right to find related posts). There are quite a few records to capture, so here I focused on a few "high-value targets."

The following images include the 1825 marriage certificate of Feigla Kaufler's grandparents, Schulim Kaufler and Reisel Bluma Singlust; the 1831 death record for Schulim's mother Bayla (also Beili), who was born the daughter of Abraham in 1773; and Schulim's own death certificate from 1847. All of those mentioned are our direct ancestors.

In each case, I will show the full size image and one or more detail sections of the image. Note that these are second-generation scans. I printed them at the LDS and scanned them at home—next time I will bring a thumb drive with me to the temple and save the scans directly, so the quality will get better when I redo them next time. But these are good enough to post now.

To keep things manageable, I will post the images in separate posts.

Schulim Kaufler and Reisel Bluma Singlust marriage record

This is from June 20, 1825. Separately, there is also a marriage bann (a pre-marriage legal announcement) that I am not posting for now. The marriage record fills a full ledger page, as opposed to birth and death records that are partial pages.

The complete page appears first, followed by a detail section with the names of the bride and groom highlighted.

Bayla Kaufler death record

Bayla, also called Beili in some records, goes way, way back. She is Feigla's great-grandmother, thus our GGGG grandmother. She was born in 1773, married Izaak Kaufler, had four children including Schulim Kaufler, and she died at age 58 in 1831.

Here is her death certificate, full size and detail.


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