Setting the scene: Everything we know so far

To set the scene for the blog items that will follow for the next three weeks, I present here an article written in 2016 that tells the story of the two branches of my German-Jewish family. It is lengthy but well worth reading to come up to speed on the subjects I’ll be addressing during the trip. 

“The 19th Century Origins of the Ringel Family's German Citizenship (And What Happened After That)” focuses of the subject of Jewish citizenship in Germany—how it was gained, how it was stolen away, and how it has been restored in some cases. This serves as a useful frame for presenting the story of my two family branches, one from Galicia and one from West Prussia.

To make the article digestible, I’ve broken it into blog-sized chunks and posted them in reverse order so you can read them in correct order in the blog. Enjoy!

Then we’ll get to the live blogging when I am on the ground in Germany on Thursday.

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