History in the telling with Ruby Brothers Media

  • Jan 18, 2024
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Now that this new version of the Family History Machine site is going public, this seems like an appropriate time to put up a modest page introducing ourselves.

We are two brothers who followed different career paths in journalism and media, but came together on a passion project to discover our true family history, and to relate stories about our most interesting relatives. 

The result is the Ruby Family History Project storyspace on this site, as well as the site itself, which we built to host our own family storyspace as well as storyspaces from other users. 

• Walter Ruby is a advocate and organizer for interfaith relations. He continues in that work until this day when it is needed more than ever.

• Dan Ruby was an editorial innovator during his long career in technology media. In recent years, he has been dedicated to genealogy work and website development.

Having honed our genealogy narrative skills in pursuit of the family project, we now offer our professional services to those undertaking a personal or family history project. Our capabilities encompass research, authoring, publishing and marketing services.

Our objective is to work with a few interested clients to craft historical narratives in rich presentation formats, including online, in print and with moving images. In most cases, we will recommend starting with a Storyspace on Family History Machine. It's the place to develop your best material before moving on to a full-blown book production or documentary film.

Learn more about us, view a client project, or submit an inquiry on the Ruby Brothers Media page, which is also linked from the FHM site footer.