On the Electron-Neutrino Angular Correlation

Authors(s):Masato MORITA Publication:Progress of Theoretical Physics Publication Date:March 21, 1953 Publisher: Oxford Academic Citation:Progress of Theoretical Physics, Volume 9, Issue 4, April 1953 Link:https://doi.org/10.1143/ptp/9.4.345

The electron-neutrino angular correlation functions are calculated for the allowed and first forbidden transitions in the Fermi theory of beta decay taking into account the effect of the nuclear charge. The interferences which arise due to squaring of terms in the interaction are worked out perfectly. The Majorana theory is also handled for the allowed transition. The differences observed between both theories are not so serious. The experimental data are consistent with the tensor interaction.

We assume that the transition is allowed because of the experimental spectrum. And as in the present situation the experiment is very difficult, it is seemed that the sign of cos θ is only probable. In allowed transition T and V which have the positive sign of cos θ are drawn with arbitrary normalization (two curves per .each type and each energy) in Figs. 3 and 4. According above considerations the curves are well fit to the experimental data. It is correct that S32 has spin 0, and P32 has spin 1 probably, so that the interaction of β-decay is tensor. But if P32 has spin 0 it is vector. .Recently it is indicated that tensor is preferable in the case of He6.