Hermann in database of liquidated Berlin businesses

There are two Hermann Ringel businesses listed in this database that was fairly recently compiled at Humboldt University in Berlin. The second one has a partner's name, Reichenthal, that is new to us.

The compilers produced a wonderful museum exhibit and catalog titled "Final Sale in Berlin" that tells the story of expropiation and profiles about 25 or so businesses. The exhibit was first shown at Humboldt University and later traveled to several places, including the Leo Baeck Institute in New York. Unfortunately, it is not now on display. However, you can browse through the book at the link. 

  • Hermann Ringel & Co, Herren-, Burschen- und Jünglingskonfektion
    Herren-, Burschen- und Jünglingskonfektion (textiles and clothing)
    Founded 1924 , Possession Transfer 1938 , Liq.: 1939
    Memhardstrasse 12 (Mitte)
  • Reichenthal & Ringel Herrenkonfection Engros-Export
    Herrenkonfection Engros-Export (textiles and clothing)
    Founded 1919 , Liq.: 1939
    Schönhauser Allee 8 (Mitte)


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