Joseph and Lena in the 1900 census

Wow! The1900 census has Joseph born in about 1855 and Lena in 1857, which is really getting back there. Lena is 36 when she has Walter, her last of 8 children (one deceased). They reside at 288 Pleasant Ave. in Manhattan, wherever that is. A deluge of info--but I have to stop now because must get up and finish writing a story tomorrow.


The Crimean War is 1854-56. Do we suppose Joseph might be a nephew of The Gonif and a grandson of Rabbi Spektor? I suppose you have already looked for information about the rabbi's family.

I've just reread your section on the four children, who apparently were not born till 1850 or later. It's not possible that Joseph was one of the children? Or maybe he is a nephew.

Well, I just read Rabbi Asher Bergman's online paper about Rabbi Spektor, which Walter used as source material. It is pretty clear that there were four children, son Benjamin Rabinowitz who was murdered in 1906, Rabbi Zvi Hirsh Rabinowitz, who died in 1909, a daughter who died in 1876 and another son who died at age 40. Nothing about anybody going to America.

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