Rabbi Spektor letters discovered in Paris

The following was posted as a comment in March 2014 on the old Ruby Family HIstory Project blog. It sounds like M. Malthete has discovered an important trove of Rabbi Spektor papers.


When I travelled to Kovno for the 1st time in July 2007, and when visiting the "Green House" (Jewish Museum) in Vilna, I learned that Rav Itschak Elchanan Spektor had written to the Alliance Israelite Universelle (Paris, France), asking for material help for the Persian Jews. The very day after we came back, I began to search in our archive (I am librarian, in charge of the Hebrew manuscripts at the library of the Alliance Israelite Universelle). I did not find this letter, but I discovered 15 years of correspondance between Rav Itschak Elchanan Spektor and the AIU, from Aug 1881 unto 3 weeks before his death, in Feb 1896. I have numerized all these letters and their draft answers. The letters are in Hebrew and the responses in German.

Epigraphist & Paleograph
in charge of the Hebrew manuscripts
and of the funds of ancient Hebrew printed books
Library of the Alliance Israelite Universelle, Paris, France.

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