Ringel home and business directory listing

Dan replies to Joanne questions about the synagogue:

I don't think I have anything about their synagogue. As for the address, see the attached 1937 phone directory page with both home and business listings. The home listing reads "Kfm. Chlb 2, Schlüterstraße 12". Kfm is short for Kaufmann, or merchant. Chlb is Charlottenburg. The 2 could be a division of Charlottenburg, or possibly it is an apartment number. That's the best I have on the apartment. 

The business listing reads "Herrenkonf. en gros", which means wholesale ready-made men's wear. Some earlier listings also mention boy's clothing. The business address is Memhardstraße 12. There are similar listings in 1935, 1937 and 1938. Earlier listings from the mid to late 20s show a business address at Alexanderstr. 55 and a couple of other home addresses. Both business addresses are in the old Stralauer district, which was later in East Berlin. The district was heavily damaged in the war and was rebuilt with Stalinist high rise apartments.

I am also finding listings for S. Ringel, who could be Hermann's father Schija. The last listing for him is 1928, which might indicate a death date. The listings identify him as a butter wholesaler. Whether this S. is our relative is uncertain but we can be fairly sure of the Hermann info.

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