Escape from Berlin—last good chance to get out

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How Elly and Helga Ringel were smuggled with SS escort out of Germany and across the Belgian border in August 1938.

Tiegenhof and Elbing

After the death of Leopold Wohlgemuth, his widow Frederike moved with their four children back to her home community of Tiegenhof. The three Wohlgemuth brothers entered business in Elbing as owners of a mill. 

The Wohlgemuths in Danzig

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Before moving his family to Berlin in 1912, Isaak Wohlgemuth prospered as a mover in Danzig. His family roots were in nearby West Prussia.

The Ringels in Berlin—time of prosperity

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From 1880s to the 1930s, the Ringel family prospered in the garment trade in the German capital. Herman made men's outerwear.



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