Out-of-wedlock exception led to reversal of Article 116 definition of "descendants"

The more inclusive definition of the word "descendant" in Article 116 of the German Basic Law, by which we expect Walter and Dan will now qualify for German renaturalization, was derived from a legal challenge by an out-of-wedlock child of a German Jewish man who had been deprived of his citizenship.

1961 passport photo turns up as we ramp up German citizenship application plans

Going through the papers that Joanne had assembled in 2012 for her German citizenship application, I came across Walter's original 1961 passport, also including Daniel and Joanne as minors. 

I can't remember having seen this image of the three of us that was taken in March 1961.

Walter has gotten me motivated to follow through and refile for my own German naturalization under Article 116, which we believe will be approved now following the 2020 change in German law.