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The Stetsons of Sumner, Maine

Militiaman Hezekiah Stetson homesteaded in Oxford County, Maine, in the years after the American…

The Eilertsens in Brooklyn

From Red Hook to Gerritsen Beach to Bay Ridge, Jack and Camilla Eilertsen lived the Norwegian…

The Bennetts in Scobey and Helena

Of the four Bennett children who grew up on the Scobey ranch, Judith was the little sister

The Stetson family’s manifest destiny

From stalwart Yankee roots, Herbert and Hattie Stetson went west with the country

Ed Eilertsen tribute puzzle

Ed loved crosswords, so Dan Ruby created a tribute puzzle for his memorial. Kate and Twyla…

Filming of "The Heartbreak Kid"

Ed officiates at a movie wedding

Family roots in the Plymouth colony

Isetta Stetson descended from early Massachusetts colonists, going all the way back to the

Eilertsens by the lake

Ed was the rector at Saint Martin's By the Lake in Minnetonka Beach, Minn. The family was raised…

When Ed Eilertsen "crossed the bridge"

In a dramatic moment while crossing the Mississippi River, he broke with his parents' austere…

Bradley homestead in Wapello County, Iowa

Widow Patty Smith Swett and six children by two husbands were among the first settlers who…

Eilertsen roots in Farsund, Norway

Farmers and seafarers from the south Norway coast

Life on the Western Reserve

Families from Connecticut settled northeastern Ohio in the early 1800s

The Meeker Massacre

Social reformer Nathan Meeker was among nine men killed in an uprising of Ute Indians at the…

Brood of Haskells in Chautauqua County

After service in the War of 1812, Vermonter George Haskell set out with his third wife and many…

Eilertsens at sea

Members of a farming family took to the sea both as an occupational calling and a means of…

Twyla's childhood

Outlooks of a pre-millennial

First grandchild

Twyla Ariel Eilertsen Ruby was born on August 7, 1985