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Demise of the cultured Lewi family

Five siblings who stayed true to German ideals until the bitter end

Love conquers all as Gerhard marries Ilse

Two young Berliners make a modern marriage—with lasting consequences

The tragic death of Minna and Hede

Facing imminent deportation, the Lewi sisters took control of their destiny 

Mercantile roots in old Danzig

Three brothers of the Kleemann family from the Weinberg district of 19th century…

Last Christmas in Berlin

In December 1937, the Feidt and Lewi family members share a last holiday together

The Kaufhaus at Schloßstraße 97

In 1907, Moritz Feidt built a department store in Berlin Stieglitz. It still stands today

Rosa’s fateful choice

Rosa Feidt was the only Lewi sibling who got out, to her everlasting remorse

Anguish during the bombing of Berlin

Watching from afar as British ‘heavies’ are lobbed into Berlin's neighborhoods

Internment on the Isle of Man

German refugees in the UK, even Jews like Gerhart Feidt, were deemed potential enemy aliens