Family Branches

Great Eight branches


The Rabinowitz family may be descended on the maternal side from the Yesersky family of Vaukavysk, who were related by marriage to Rabbi Yitzchak Elchanon Spektor. In 1873, Joseph Rabinowitz came to New York with his wife Lena and they raised a family in Jewish Harlem.

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Lincoff, Yesersky, Ruby
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Little is yet known about this branch, except that Lena and her brother Arthur Linkoff arrived in New York together with Joseph Rabinowitz, so can be presumed to also originate in a community in Grodno Province, possibly in the vicinity of Vawkavysk.

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Abraham Ratner was really Abraham Bloch, having taken the new surname during his illegal exit from Russia while evading military service. He came from unknown parentage in Minsk and settled later outside the Pale of Settlement in the Rostov area, gateway to Crimea. With his wife, Rose Ratner from the Tulbowitz family, he raised a large family in Albany, New York.

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Ruby, Tulbowitz
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The Tulbowitz family went forth and multiplied in the town of Rezhitsa in Vitebsk province, now the city of Rezekne in Latvia. Our Tulbowitz ancestors left Rezhitsa in about 1870, not for the Golden Medina or western Europe but to Russian territory near the Black Sea in the town of Novocherkassk. Rose Ratner was born and raised there. She came to America with her husband Abraham Ratner. They settled in Albany, New York, together with the Tulbowitz elders.  

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Ratner, Gorelik
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The Ringel family has its roots in the traditional Galician town of Rzeszow, then part of Austria and now Poland. Moses Ringel and his wife Rose Lea Reichmann had five children who would all later seek better opportunities in cosmopolitan Germany. Our ancestor came to Berlin in 1880 and laid roots that lasted there for the next 60 years.

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Wohlgemuth, Ruby
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The Kaufler family has a rich history in the Jewish community of Krakow going back to Nachman Kaufler, born 1755. Our ancestor married into the Ringel family from Rzeszow and relocated to Berlin. 

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Two Wohlgemuth brothers took the surname in the town of Preußich Stargard in the West Prussian Jewish emancipation of 1812. Several generations later, our ancestor took a wife from the Paechter family of Tiegenhof. Our family members later lived and succeeded in business in Elbing and Danzig before settling in Berlin. They were proud Germans who also maintained their Jewish faith.

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Ringel, Paechter
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The Katz family arose in the East Prussian town of Heilsberg. Louis Levin Katz prospered as a merchant in Kolberg. His first of two daughters by his first wife was Betty Katz, the wife of Isaak Wohlgemuth from Elbing, Danzig and Berlin. 

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Other branches

Name Description

Sarah Barnhardt was the wife of Louis Levin Katz


Harriet Berkowitz is the daughter of Seymour Rabinowitz


The birth surname of Abraham Ratner, alternatively spelled Blokh 


Ratner granddaughter Sandy Klein married Mel Brenner. Their children are Janis, Leslie and Amy


Meta Rabinowitz married Lester Cannold. Their children were Harrison and Thaddeus


Kate Eilertsen married Dan Ruby and their daughter is Twyla Ruby


Joan Ruby married Milton Felenstein and their children were Wendy, Marsha and Robert


Branch of the Tulbowitz family that stayed in Russia and later emigrated to Israel


Walter Ruby married Ludmilla Ilishaev and their son is Gene Ruby


Gloria Logan was the first wife of Walter Ruby the younger


Julius and Rahel (Jacobi) Paechter raised five children in the town of Tiegenhof in the Vistula lowlands. Among their vast brood of grandchildren was Isaak Wohlgemuth and his siblings, the offsping of Friedericke Paechter. By the turn of the century, family members migrated to cosmopolitan centers—Elbing, Danzig and especially Berlin. Numerous Paechter descendants survived the Holocaust and are dispersed around the world. 


Bill Rehm is the loving husband of Joanne Ruby. Their children are Zach Rehm and Elana (Lani) Rehm. Lucy is their water dog. 


Our Great Eight is nine because Walter Rabinowitz adopted the Ruby surname in 1918. The rest is history 

test branch

Family members of a branch that originated in Kolomea, Austria, settled in Berlin and London. Pinkas Twiasschor married Pessel (Betty) Riingel


Joseph Rabinowitz's mother was Bertha Yesersky, an in-law relation of Rabbi Spektor