Another Ringel cousin married in Whitechapel

The inclusion of Rona Ringel as a fifth marriage party seems to be an error.

Another Ringel cousin married in Whitechapel

Sometimes we forget what we already knew. 

Back in September 2020, I wrote about a previously unknown Ringel branch and how one descendant of that family ended up in Sydney, Australia. It was the family of Hirsch Zvi Ringel, a brother of our ancestor Schija Wolf Ringel. 

I mentioned in that post that one of Hirsch's daughters, Rosa Rachel, was married in 1908 in Whitechapel in London. She married Meier Weinstock from Berlin and they returned to their home city and raised three children.

Rosa died at age 48 in 1932, after which Meier and his youngest son Leo emigrated to Palestine and eventually to Australia. On Rosa's death record we find the family address at Alte Schönhauser St. 11, just down the street from the Ringel residence at Lothringer 54. 

In my earlier post, I wrote that they lived downstairs from the two Ringel apartments on the fourth floor. That was based on an interpretation that the merchant H. Ringel listed at that address in 1916 and in 1919 was Hirsch Ringel. I now think it's more likely that the H. Ringel was Hermann, already established in business on Lothringer in 1916, possibly before going off to war. 

But what about Rosa Rachel Ringel's marriage in London in 1908, three years before her first cousin Betty Ringel would make the same decision to tie the knot in London? And get this. The marriage seems to be another double wedding affair, with a second couple recorded as witnesses on their license and their own signatures affixed to the other couple's certificate. 

This is more than two couples who met each other on line at the registry office. It seems to be another case of two Jewish couples traveling from Berlin to London Whitechapel in order to marry. 

I wonder if there are many more such examples, or if double marriages in London was a thing only in the Ringel family.