Arnaud's glamorous wife is featured in l'Officiel article

Arnaud's glamorous wife is featured in l'Officiel article

This one is almost too delicious. As I said in an earlier post today, sometimes these things just fall in your lap. This is from an online archive of the French fashion magazine l'Officiel.

I will explain. This is at a dinner held at the Neuilly house in 1977 to award a literary prize, the Diamond Pen, which Arnaud Clerc himself had established and endowed. Arnaud's wife, identified only as Mme. Arnaud Clerc, is the hostess and member of the prize jury, which is shown at top left. 

Somewhat oddly, the winner of the prize for his novel Bakchich is the author Michel Clerc. As far as I can tell, there is no connection between the two Clercs, and the surprising coincidence goes unmentioned in the article.

In the middle left photo, that is Michel Clerc seated and Arnaud Clerc standing behind him. They could be brothers. The photo below that shows Michel Clerc with the ever-present Mme. I haven't tracked down all the other individuals, but that is the former prime minister of Laos at upper right.

I did look into Michel Clerc a bit and found one amusing item that I will share in the next post.